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haunted attractions

Back in Iowa City September 30th 2022


Eclypse Kids Day


Enjoy walking through the haunt with the lights on and the monsters gone. Great for the kids and the haunt enthusiast.

Buy the Haunt/Funzone ticket and get admission into the haunt and $10 worth of Funzone money at Pizza Ranch!!


Black out "lights Out"

10/20 and 10/27

LIGHTS OUT!! Walkthrough the haunt in total darkness. The only thing that lights your way is a flashlight that might or might not go out. If you have what it takes to brave the darkness, this might just change your mind

In these walls lies an evil An evil so wretched and entangled in hate
Hope is lost in angst One's only escape is to mirror the evil Watch the shadows as they move without movement Feel the coldness as you breathe in the fear
Don’t stop in the heals of torment There is only one way out of here
For He will find you But only when the darkness shadows the light

achieving an experience you won't see anywhere else. We use new and not-so-common ways to make a unique walkthrough horror experience. 

Constantly trying different scenes, illusions, tricks, To scare.

Eclypse offers a scary and fun experience. 

We suggest bringing a change of shorts!

Eclypse Haunt will open for the season on
September, 2022
171 HWY 1 W, Iowa City